Mediation: no more arguing.

Fred Menkveld

Fred Menkveld studied Dutch law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He began working as a lawyer in 1981. Fred Menkveld specialises in the law of persons and family law and is a vFAS-mediator, registered with the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators .

Fred Menkveld, about himself:

As a lawyer involved in a (nasty) divorce, you represent one party and it is the interests of your own client that are decisive.
How the other party fares in the battle is not important.

With mediation, I sit down with two clients who at least want to try to achieve a solution that is optimal for both of them. Primarely there is no arguing nor is the focus on the interestsof of one client but there is discussion by and with both clients. These discussions may involve some intense emotions, but there is always mutual respect.

In this process, I am impartial. It is my task to ensure that both of your interests are properly discussed and respected. I am open and honest towards you both and, with an appropriate dose of humour, I can guide the process and, if necessary, unblock it.

All in all, mediation is a(n) (in)tense journey for all but, once the goal is achieved, it is all more than worth the trouble.

My motto: no more arguing.


Persons and Family Law

Lawyer since 1981


VU Amsterdam

Specialization training at the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators

Registerd with the vFAS and the MfN